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September 10, 2017

The Urban Africultural Fair and Expo returns!  Celebrate all things agricultural in the city; bees, chickens, garden and orchard produce, maple sugaring, canning & pickling, and much more.  Games and contests for all ages. And enter your favorite garden veggie, kitchen concoction, or orchard beauty for a chance to win prizes and bragging rights.  Click here for the latest details, updates, and instructions.

September 16, 2017 from 10:00am - noon

Honey Harvest -- Help spin honey from honeycomb while learning about beekeeping and the magical, golden world of honey bees.  This workshop will be held at The Boston Nature Center, and is a ticketed event.  See for info.

For other workshops and happenings, check the Workshops calendar here

Agricultural Hall?

In 1818, the Massachusetts Society for the Promotion of Agriculture built the original Agricultural Hall on Dighton Street in Brighton.  It served as the hub of the Brighton Fair and Cattle Show, one of the earliest and largest such fairs in the country.  In 1829, "a 17-pound turnip, a 19-pound radish, and a bough on which pears hung like a cluster of grapes were among the outstanding exhibits of that year."  In 1844 the building was moved to its present location at the corner of Chestnut Hill Avenue and Washington Street.

Dr. William P. Marchione & 

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Brighton Allston Historical Society

Agricultural Hall

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Beekeeping Supplies at

Agricultural Hall's Store

Woodenware from Maine, hive tools from Massachusetts' own Maxant Industries, clothing, smokers, bottling glassware, and more.  See a more complete sales sheet below and on the "More Beekeeping Supplies" page.

Beekeeping Workshops at

Agricultural Hall

Several workshops are taught each winter and early spring.  Later, swarm management, mite control, and other workshops follow later in sppring and into summer.  Check "News & Events," at left, the calendar here, or give me a call.

Hang out and learn beekeeping tips in the Boston Nature Center apiary every summer Saturday, June 1 - August 26, from 10-noon.  Call 617-388-7378 for more information.

Beekeeping Links

Here are some helpful links.  Suggestions are encouraged:

1) Boston Beekeepers at: 

2) Mass Beekeepers Assn. at;

3) Click this Beginning Beekeeping link to be taken to to a collection of other great links; 

Agricultural Hall carries Langstroth hive components -- the most common hive style in use worldwide, and we now have Warre and top bar hives as well -- some with observation windows!  Mix it up a little. 

We have a generous supply of deep, medium & shallow 10-frame & 8-frame supers (as well as 4 & 5-frame nucs and accessories), frames, and wired foundation.  (Supplies of shallow foundation are intermittent.)  All hive woodenware is milled in Maine from commercial grade white pine. To help you cut costs, Ag Hall offers a limited selection of 'budget' boxes and frames, as well as used equipment when available.

Prices are for unassembled hive components.  Assembled hives are available for approximately 40% above unassembled prices.  Call for details.