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Cheesemaking -- Hard Cheeses Made Easy.  Making soft cheeses is fun, but making hard cheese is challenging, rewarding, AND fun!  Registration will begin in February, and the class will fill up quickly; send an email to and I will contact you when registration begins.

4/2/17 (tentative)

The Mighty Mason Bee; Our Native Super-Pollinators!  This is a two hour introduction to the cutest but hardest-working little bees you may have never seen.  Part 1 will cover physiology, life-cycles, benefits,..., and Part 2 is a hands-on workshop to construct a mason bee house just in time for their early spring arrival.  For more info, click here

Late March/Early April

Grafting and Pruning Fruit Trees.  John Bunker (Fedco Seeds/Bulbs/Trees, and New England's apple guru), will share his vast knowledge caring for, and propagating, pome & stone fruit trees.  Hoping to spin-off a Boston from the class.  Date and location to be determined.  Send an email to and I will contact you when registration begins. Co-sponsored with the Boston Food Forest Coalition.

Agricultural Hall?

In 1818, the Massachusetts Society for the Promotion of Agriculture built the original Agricultural Hall on Dighton Street in Brighton.  It served as the hub of the Brighton Fair and Cattle Show, one of the earliest and largest such fairs in the country.  In 1829, "a 17-pound turnip, a 19-pound radish, and a bough on which pears hung like a cluster of grapes were among the outstanding exhibits of that year."  In 1844 the building was moved to its present location at the corner of Chestnut Hill Avenue and Washington Street.

Dr. William P. Marchione & 

The Bostonian Society

Brighton Allston Historical Society

Agricultural Hall

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Sat.&Sun., 10:00am-2:30pm & by appt.

All Hail the Miraculous Chicken!

If you already have a brood of hens, we have the food and other supplies you need to keep your girls fed, happy & healthy.  If you don't already have chickens, give us a call or stop by and we'll try to answer any questions you have.

Agricultural Hall is taking orders for 2017 egg-layer chicks (no, the chicks don't lay eggs until they've grown up).  


1) Green Mountain Feeds makes a great organic layer pellet at their family-owned grain mill in Bethel, VT.  Ag Hall carries their 50lb stay-fresh bags in stock for $34.95 Price break; now $32.90 -- closer supplier means lower costs for you!  Scratch as well, also sold in 50 lb. bags.  Smaller quantities available (5 lb. min.). 

2) Poulin conventional feed.  Poulin isn't organic, but it's a good balanced feed that your chickens are sure to love. 



We buy small bulk quantities from our supplier in order to keep inventory fresh.

  • Organic Green Mountain layer pellet

...... $32.90/50 lb. bag

  • Poulin layer pellet

....... $21.95  

  • Organic scratch

 ...... $1.25/lb. or $32/50lb bag 

  • Gran-I-Grit granite gizzard grit

...... $1.10/lb. or $5/5 lb.

  • Also in stock: Calcium chips/oyster shell, Daily 72 Ionic Minerals, Durvet water-soluble vitamins & electrolytes, Save-a-chick electrolyte & vitamin supplememt: call for prices.


  • Waterer, metal two gallon $26.99
  • Waterer, metal, three gallon $33.59
  • Feeder, metal, 12 lb $18.99
  • Feeder, plastic, 3 lb $9.39
  • Waterer, plastic, 1.5 qt. $3.39
  • Waterer, rubber, 2 qt. $5.69 (great for winter/icing)
  • Feeder, glass/metal, 1 qt. $3.99
  • Waterer, glass/metal, 1 qt. $2.29
  • Feeder, glass/plastic, 1 qt $3.29
  • Electric water heater (and toe warmer?), $call